Writer’s Block

by Mark C. Wallfisch

Mitch grumbled to Jacob, “I can’t think.  It’s like I’m on a precipice where I can’t jump off and I can’t retreat.  I’m stuck.  I’ve got writer’s block.”

Mitch had tried to find out how other writers got unblocked.  He went online like so many others who, like Guy Noir, try to find the answers to life’s persistent questions.

“You see, Jacob, I found lots of information about writer’s block.  I found causes, ten types, and coping strategies, practical tips, how to overcome it.  Lots of famous writers have had it, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Charles Schultz, J.K. Rowling (give me a break).  Damn!  I really don’t need all that information; I need to write again, to resume my work, to write tenaciously for long stretches.  Up to now, I’d been doing great the whole time I’ve been a writer.”

“So how long you been writing?” Jacob asked.

“Oh, gosh, almost a whole month now.”

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