Words with Friends

by Mark C. Wallfisch

Carl’s wife says it’s an addiction.  Carl’s children say it’s an obsession.  Carl says it’s just a game.  It’s a game called Words with Friends that Carl plays incessantly on his phone.

During a recent match, Carl muttered, “I’m not going to let that bastard beat me again.”  He tried to figure out how to get a triple word score to solidify his lead against his long-time rival.  Carl detests losing, especially to his archenemy.  Letting that creep defeat him turns Carl inside out.

“Now where to put that damned ‘Z’?” Carl continued muttering.  He had all consonants, including a “Z.”  “I’ve got nothing, nothing, nothing!”  Carl was about to explode.

“Wait, I can put the ‘Z’ next to . . . Crap!” Carl screamed as his SUV rear-ended the truck ahead of him and the airbag exploded out of his steering wheel.

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