by Mark C. Wallfisch

An EKG monitor displayed the electrical activity of the failing heart of the old man who was strapped to the cot inside the patient compartment of the speeding ambulance.  The driver erratically hit the brakes, swerved, sped up, slowed down, jerked into the next lane, and ran stop signs and red lights.

The old man, along with the EMT at his side, screamed for the driver to take it easy.  That sent the driver’s right foot closer to the floor, sending the ambulance careening off parked cars and teetering next to an open canal.

Then came the lights and the sirens, lots of lights and sirens.  They were on police cars roaring after the speeding ambulance.  Another ambulance followed the police.  In the air, a police helicopter tracked the vehicles below.

More officers were stationed ahead of the speeding ambulance, where they deployed spike strips to deflate the ambulance’s tires, ending the chase.

Vehicles, officers, and EMTs immediately surrounded the stopped ambulance.  The old man was transferred to the second ambulance, which eased away from the scene toward a nearby hospital. 

While the patient was being transferred, officers with drawn weapons swarmed around the cab of the ambulance.  Pointing their weapons at the driver, they ordered her out of the cab.  Pupils dilated and nose running, she boldly hopped down to the street, where she was arrested. 

A short time earlier, she had been walking by the old man’s home, where she saw EMTs loading him into the ambulance.  As the back doors were closed, she pushed the driver to the ground, jumped into the driver’s seat, and hit the gas. 

After she was finally stopped and surrounded, she was charged with carjacking, among other crimes. 

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