Sally Ladron

by Mark C. Wallfisch

“I raised you like this?  You learned this from me?  Was I a bad example? What the hell were you thinking?”  Sally Ladron railed at her teenage son after picking him up from the police station where he had been held for burglary.

Sally added, “These are our neighbors!  I used to think you were a good kid.  We’re a respected family.  We used to be, anyway.  Jeez, what were you thinking?”

“Mom . . .”

“Don’t ‘Mom’ me!”  Sally couldn’t compose herself long enough to listen to him or to decide on a punishment.  She stormed out of the house, leaving for work and leaving her son to wonder what would come next.

Sally tried to relax on the way to work. She thought about things that she was grateful for.  She reminded herself that her son really was a good kid, that they were healthy, and that she had a reliable income.  Life’s pressures didn’t negate the positive things. 

She felt a little better by the time she arrived at the health insurance company where she evaluates claims.  Sally passed through the lobby, rode up to the fourth floor, and opened the door that read, “Dr. Sally Ladron.”  She sat down behind her desk and checked her inbox, which had a dozen claims for her to evaluate.  She started in, making quick work of the claims as she went.

Her supervisor interrupted her after an hour.  He came into the office and comfortably settled into the visitor’s chair.  He smoothly told her, “Sally, you’re doing great.  I’m not supposed to say this, but the guys upstairs are very impressed with your denial rate.  Their pleasure will be reflected in your bonus this year.  Thank you, Sally.  You’re an example for others.”

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