Prison Dialogue

by Mark C. Wallfisch

Inmate 1: Yeah, the skank guard thinks I love her.  She’s stuck on me, and that’s not so bad.

Inmate 2: All that extra stuff from the commissary ain’t so bad, but what about somethin’ more important?

Inmate 1: Like what?

Inmate 2: Come on!  She’s got the keys to the place.  She can get us both outta here.

Inmate 1: Us?

Inmate 2: You love birds wouldn’t leave me behind, would ya?

Inmate 1: Did Meghan and Harry take Andrew with them?

Inmate 2: Ain’t the same thing.

Inmate 1: Maybe not, but her gettin’ both of us out is gonna be a little tricky.  Just gettin’ me out is gonna be tricky enough.

Inmate 2: Yeah, and she’ll be leadin’ you around by the ring in your nose, just like Meghan and Harry.  It’s prison one way or another.

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