One Explanation

by Mark C. Wallfisch

“Your grandmother says they used to call people like us, ‘The Silent Majority.’  We were a big majority,” Jack told his son.  “Now look around.  Do we look like a big majority anymore?  Or do they look like us?”

“Whatcha mean ‘look like us’?”

“When I was your age, this was a white country.  There were other people but not like there are today and like there’ll be in a few years.  Pretty soon, this won’t be a white country anymore.  We’ll be outsiders in our own country, me, you, your kids.”

“My teacher says that’s racist, like white people think they’re better than other people.”

“Oh we’re not any better than they are.  It’s just that we’re on the white team, can’t change that.  We can’t let our team lose.  It’s who we are.  It’s not racist; it’s us-ist.”

“What happens if our team loses?”

“Oh, my god!  Everything changes.  You see how we treat everybody else, don’t you?  Like they’re inferior.  We do that cuz we can.  And we can because we’re the majority, for now.  But what happens when we’re not the majority anymore?”

“I dunno.”

“I’ll tell you.  When they’re the majority, they’ll treat us like we treat them.  It’s human nature.  So as we go down, we might not be the silent majority much longer, but we’re going down as a very noisy minority.  That’s human nature, too.”

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