Midnight Riders

by Mark C. Wallfisch

After January 6, 2021, the FBI went through my neighbor Jeremy’s emails and texts.  They found the following exchange and others between Jeremy and someone named Morgan, who lived about 200 miles away.

Jeremy:  You know about Paul Revere, right?  They say he was booted and spurred, with a heavy stride, ready to ride to make America free.  Like back then, the enemies of freedom are after us now.  Keep your boots and your spurs ready cuz we gotta ride again.

Morgan:  Hold on. Didn’t we let ourselves get swept up in a crazy time when we met in DC back in January?  Paul Revere wasn’t sucked in by a lame duck with a smashed ego.

Jeremy:  No, we got a country to save.

Morgan:  Right about that.  The country needs saving, but it’s not from your demons.  I love you, but that Paul Revere part is a little scary.

Jeremy:  Then why’d you go to DC?

Morgan:  At first, it seemed like an important thing to do.  And I wanted to meet hot guys, hot like you.

Jeremy:  Yeah, that was a great night.  Let’s do that again.

Morgan:  Yeah, but without all that fate-of-a-nation stuff.  The nation’s fine if we just don’t ride into darkness.

Jeremy:  But I still want to hold you tight in bed, smelling your sweat.  I really am on Paul Revere’s ride for you.

Morgan:  Oh geez.  Just drive over here this weekend.  We’ll binge watch something that’s not political, eat pizza, and who knows what else.

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