by Mark C. Wallfisch

Four years ago, Jimmy graduated from law school and took a job with the law firm of Woodbury and Nelson. 

Two years ago, Jimmy “graduated,” as he put it, from the law firm.  When pressed by those with an underdeveloped sense of subtlety, Jimmy would say, “We agreed to terminate our employer-employee relationship.”  The reaction to that phrasing was usually either, “Oh,” or “Oh, they fired you.”  To the latter, Jimmy would respond, “Bingo.”

One recent day, Jimmy was back at the office of Woodbury and Nelson visiting friends he had made during his tenure there.  Pitching in, he was in the kitchen making coffee when Mr. Woodbury came in for a piece of King Cake. 

“Jimmy, how are you doing?  I’m a little surprised to see you, but how are you?  Oh, and what are you doing here?”

“Just helping out, Mr. Woodbury, making some coffee to go with the King Cake.”

“Wish you had helped out more when we were paying you, Jimmy,” replied Mr. Woodbury, adding, “Where are you working now?”

Jimmy froze for a time that seemed endless.  He blanked.  He couldn’t think of the name of the firm where he worked.  Mr. Woodbury unnerved him, as he always had.

So Jimmy blabbered in hopes that he could eventually utter the name of the new law firm.  “I’m doing insurance defense, almost all personal injury.  Depositions are my favorite.  All I do is ask people to tell the truth, and they forget which version of their story is the truth.  Human nature is amazing, isn’t it, Mr. Woodbury?”  He was still blanking on the name of the new firm.

“You sure you’re working, Jimmy?”

“Yes, sir.  I just don’t know where.”

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