by Mark C. Wallfisch

As a child, Stevie went to his Grampa’s supermarket with his mother for her weekly shopping trips.  When Grandpa had the time, he’d take Stevie around the store. 

On one visit, Grampa and Stevie walked up and down the aisles and stopped at the in-store bakery.  “Stevie, have you met Mr. Ben?  He’s our new baker.”  Grampa introduced them.  Stevie thought Mr. Ben didn’t sound like he was from around there, so he asked Mr. Ben where he was from.

“Berlin, my boy.  You know where that is?”


Grampa added that Mr. Ben is the perfect person for the bakery because so many customers ask for German chocolate cake.  Mr. Ben gave Stevie a sample.

As they approached the deli department, Grampa said, “When I came in this morning, the deli was getting Swiss cheese ready.  The cheesemaker was using a special drill to make the holes, and I ate the cheese she pulled out.”

“Why does she make holes?”

“Swiss cheese always has holes.  We gotta do it.”

“Oh.  OK.  Mama’s waiting for me now.  I gotta go.  Next time let’s have some Swiss cheese holes.”

“Sure thing.  Bye-bye, Stevie.”  Grampa waived, and winked.

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