Fusion Bistro

by Mark C. Wallfisch

“Come on, it sounds like fun.”  Margot had read a review of the Fusion Bistro restaurant and asked Benny to join her for dinner.

 “Fusion?  What kind of food is it?  What’s the cuisine?” he asked her.

 “The review says it’s a mash-up of different cuisines.  It sounds like you can pretty much get anything you want.”

So Benny, a bit skeptical, agreed to go, and he and Margot went out to the Fusion Bistro for dinner.

When they arrived, they were greeted by the proprietor, who was wearing a brightly-colored Mexican Jalisco dress.  She showed them to a table that had Buddha and Christ the Redeemer sculptures in the center.  Their server, wearing a red tai-chi shirt emblazoned with a golden dragon, brought each a menu. 

Scanning it, Margot exclaimed, “This is fun.  Look, here’s corned beef and okra egg rolls. Oh, and here – Mandarin ginger borscht with freshly baked  croutons.  I like this!”

The proprietor returned to ask if Margot and Benny had any questions.  Margot continued her fascination with the menu and asked about the matzo-ball lasagna.  The proprietor said that that was one of her favorites, and you can even get it as a side with schnitzel and bacon.  “And we have all sorts of green salads with any kind of dressing that you can think of,” she said.

“I’m in Heaven,” Margot continued, “look here – empanadas with sauerkraut and tomatoes.  This is so off the chain!”

Margot couldn’t stop reading aloud, and Benny was silent.  When the server returned for their orders, Benny asked him, “Could you ask the chef to just make me a BLT?”

 Writing slowly, the server replied, “Uh, I’ll ask, but what is that?”

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