From the Editor – A Fictional Editorial for Our Times

by Mark C. Wallfisch

As I sit at my desk writing to my many loyal readers of the beloved National Patriotic Monthly, I am struck by the coincidence of two events ripping apart our great Republic.

First, Joe Biden stole the presidential election from the people. The evidence is incontrovertible.

Second, Joe Biden has promised to eradicate COVID-19 by injecting the people with a foreign substance in one or two doses or maybe three.  The vaccine was voluntary but now it’s being coerced.  Who knows how many strong-armed doses the eradication campaign will ultimately take?

He stole the election, and he is trying to steal our bodies and our liberty.

We do know that “President” Biden’s first hideous accomplishment, stealing the election, cannot be undone.  But we cannot let him achieve his second goal, which is to end the “pandemic” by having us all shot with a witches’ brew vaccine.

Joe Biden’s success means the failure of our freedoms.

We must not let him succeed!  Reject the injection, no matter the cost.  Do not let him bring “public health” into our homes.  No sacrifice is too great in defense of liberty.

Give me liberty and give me death.  Biden is attempting to steal our liberty.  We must all make the sacrifice of choosing the deaths and illnesses of ourselves and of the people we love in order to save our country.  Act now.  Reject the injection!

Your faithful editor,

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