Broke No More

by Mark C. Wallfisch

At 62, Grace knew that she would no longer be dead broke. Her Social Security had just started.  To celebrate her new, though modest, regular income, Grace hoisted her considerable girth into her Datsun pick-up truck for a drive to the Golden Nugget to invest some of that first Social Security check.

At the casino, Grace lugged herself into a complimentary motorized scooter and headed for the slot machines, where she parked herself, her Camels, and her new cash to gamble for better times.  It wasn’t long before lights, bells, chimes, and gongs exploded right in front of her.

With seven paylines, she had hit a jackpot of $95,000.  She would be easing into Social Security in style, certainly not broke anymore.

Grace was first delightfully relieved and then she whooped, screamed, yelled, cried, laughed, and then she felt the pressure in the center of her chest.  She got short of breath; nausea closed in on her. 

Grace tumbled out of the scooter onto the floor.  She was no longer dead broke, just dead.

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