Annual Treat

by Mark C. Wallfisch

It’s called a “blanket” of snow because it covers everything; it’s comforting, you feel secure.  That’s what there was on this quiet morning with no traffic and no activity in the street.  It was beautiful, even though it would be a mess to drive in.  In the early hours, lights were still twinkling up and down the street.  Inflatable characters and decorations were still puffed up with joy.  There was Santa, lots of Santas, thousands of lights, crèches, dinosaur reindeer, and a wooden troupe of Elvis elves.

Adam and Rebecca looked out the front window as the kids came screeching down the stairs into the living room.  They wanted to leave right then, ready for their annual treat.  Adam had to calm them down, or he tried to.  He told them that breakfast comes first, but that was just foolishness to the kids.

Rebecca tempted them with Lucky Charms.  That calmed them a bit, but just a bit.  They left most of it untouched.

“When are we going to go?” the children demanded.

“Not yet, not until noon,” Adam told them.

“We’re ready now, now, now,” they countered.

“No,” Adam said, “we still have to wait, but we can get a head start.  Let’s look at the menu online.”

They all crowded around Adam’s desk to look at a restaurant menu on his laptop screen.

“OK,” Adam said, addressing the three kids, “who wants what?”

“I want egg rolls,” shouted one child.

“I want fried rice,” added another one.

“I want cashew chicken,” said the third.

Adam, smiling, turned to Rebecca and said, “Oh, its going to be a happy Christmas Day for us Bernsteins.”

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