Active Shooter

by Mark C. Wallfisch

“Active shooter!  Active shooter!”  Thousands of people went running for the mall exits when they heard, and repeated, those words.  Adults and children fled, some able-bodied, some mobility-impaired, all fleeing as fast as they could, all yelling, “Active shooter!”

Dozens of people called 911.  Almost as fast as the stampede had begun, the city-county-sheriff-police-fire START unit (Shooter/Terrorist Agile Response Team) was on the scene, ushering people away from the mall and searching for the shooter or shooters.

One merchant didn’t want to leave.  He was still hawking his new line of brightly painted and decorated minibikes.  Continuing what he had begun only a few minutes before, he was standing in front of his store shouting, “Attractive Scooters!  Attractive Scooters!”

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